Denture Repair Questions Answered

When individuals have lost many of their teeth, they may opt to get a set of dentures. While this is one of the most effective and affordable ways of correcting the problems caused by missing many teeth, it is not unusual for patients to need some routine questions answered before deciding on this corrective option. In particular, there are two questions that are particularly common for new denture patients. 

Can Broken Dentures Be Repaired?

While dentures are designed to be incredibly durable, it is possible for them to suffer severe damage. Whether it is from dropping them or improper care, damaged dentures can represent a major problem. Replacing them will cost a substantial amount, and some people make the mistake of assuming that they can not repair dentures. 

Fortunately, denture repair is a relatively routine service. By taking your damaged dentures to a repair technician, almost any type of damage can be corrected. Missing teeth is a relatively common problem, and it can be corrected by simply inserting a new tooth with high-grade adhesive on the back. 

Another common example of the damages these professional can correct is a split denture. This type of damage occurs when the dentures are dropped, and they can often be split completely in half. Correcting this damage is a bit more intensive, and it requires a special chemical that will securely fuse the two halves of the denture. 

Is It Safe To Sleep In Dentures?

There are many people that find it uncomfortable to attempt to sleep without teeth in their mouths. As a result, these people may want to sleep with their dentures. Unfortunately, this may not always be the best plan because your gums need time away from them. 

When you make the mistake of wearing your dentures for too long, it can cause sores to develop on your gums, and some patients may develop severe gum disease. Due to these problems, you should always make it a point to take your dentures out for several hours a day. If you are wanting to sleep in them, it may be best to take them out for several hours during the morning or afternoon. This will help you avoid common dental complications without negatively impacting your sleep quality. 

Losing teeth can be a devastating problem to suffer. In addition to possibly causing you to become self-conscious, this can also make it difficult to eat your favorite foods or speak. By understanding these common denture questions, you may find that this is the most practical solution for your tooth loss. (for more information, contact Aesthetic Denture and Dental Clinic)