3 Challenges Of Same Day Teeth-Implant Replacement

If your tooth is damaged, for example due to trauma or infection, then you may have to extract it and replace it with an implant. The extraction and implantation process can be handled on the same day in a procedure known as immediate load implant. This eliminates the need to wait for the extraction site to heal before getting an implant, but it also has its challenges such as:

1. Keen Removal of the Broken Tooth

After the damaged tooth is extracted, the tooth socket becomes the implant's receptor. The socket is the part of the jawbone that supports the tooth. If the socket is damaged, even a little bit, then it won't hold the implant firmly in place. Apart from that, such bone damage may also cause gum recession. Therefore, it is important that the damaged tooth is carefully and wholly removed so that such damage does not occur. The best way to preserve the socket is to have your tooth extracted at a professional dentist's office.

2. Stability of the Implant

When a tooth is extracted, the remaining socket is usually bigger than the implant to be used for the replacement. This is a huge challenge, because the implant needs to be stable so that it can fuse with the natural bone surrounding it. Most dentists achieve this stability by affixing the implant into the jaw, and osseointegration (bone fusion) then closes the gap between the implant and the socket. As a patient, however, you can help promote this healing by not placing any biting forces on the implant until it heals.

3. Aesthetic Appearance of the Implant  

Sometimes, aesthetic complications occur during immediate implant replacement procedures. For example, it is necessary to bury the implant at exactly the right depth below the gum line so that the crown will be at the same level as your natural teeth. If this is not achieved, then the gum tissues around the implant may shrink during the healing process.

Despite these challenges, immediate load implants have several advantages if done correctly. For example, they saves time because the same surgical schedule and procedure meant for the extraction is used to insert the implant. According to some dentists, they also help to minimize bone re-absorption; an inherent risk for extraction sites left too long without implants.

All things considered, you stand a better chance of enjoying success with your immediate load implant if the procedure is carried out by an experienced dentist like Dillon Family Dental PLLC, and you follow his or her instructions to the letter. For example, you should adhere to the regimen of antibiotics that the dentist may prescribe to keep infection away.