Parents: Great Tips For Your Child's Teeth

As a parent, you want your children to have teeth that are healthy. This is possible when you consider these tips:

Monitor What They Eat

One of the best preventative care tips for your child is making sure they eat foods that are healthy. Instead of eating foods with sugar, try to get your child to eat a lot of cheese. This food helps increase the production of saliva in the mouth – which helps your child's mouth and teeth stay clean. The protein in cheese can also help counteract acids that cause tooth decay.

Apples are great for your child's teeth, as they contain flavonoids that can help fight off bacterial growth in the mouth. Cranberries are also great sources of flavonoids, which can help prevent bacteria from developing and causing tooth decay.

Take Them to a Family Dentist

If your child does get a cavity, you need to act fast and take them to a family dentist. This professional offers a welcoming environment – helping your child remain calm during the consultation and procedure.

For cavities, the dentist will first numb your child's mouth. Any decayed material on the tooth is removed using a specialized drill. Then, a filling is used to replace the removed material. There are several different filling options you can choose for your child. Some of the best include ceramic, composite and amalgam.

Composite fillings can be stained to look exactly like the rest of the teeth in your child's mouth. These fillings are also versatile, and can be used to repair worn or chipped teeth. Since they bond to your child's original teeth, they are very stable.

Make Teeth Maintenance Fun

In order to keep your child's teeth healthy, you need to make sure they are doing all of the proper maintenance steps, such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. You need to make this process fun and engaging because then it won't seem like a chore to your child.

There are apps you can download to your phone, which show a timer of how long your child needs to brush. While the app is going, it plays songs and shows engaging tutorials on brushing techniques. Getting your child to pretend like they are an animal with a lot of teeth might also be fun for them, as it lets them use their imagination.

Keeping your child's teeth in good condition is important because it lets them smile with confidence. You can help your children have a great set of teeth by monitoring what they eat, getting help from a family dentist and by making teeth maintenance fun for them. Talk to places like Bruggeman Dental for more information.