Benefits of Dentures

If you have lost most of your teeth, you and your dentist may be considering dentures to replace your missing teeth. However, you may have reservations about having dentures if no one close to you has had them before.

Having dentures does not have to be a negative experience. In fact, it should be quite positive. Here are a few reasons why:

Restoration of Chewing Ability Without Pain

Dentures are designed to fit the individual contours of your mouth. When your dentists fits your mouth for dentures, he or she creates a mold of your oral cavity. The technicians at the dental lab where your dentures will be created use the mold as guide for your customized appliance. In the end, you dentures should fit your mouth so well that they can be held in place by natural suction.

If you have suffered for years from mouth pain due to dental decay or other oral health problems, you may have experienced discomfort each time you chewed. If a full set of dentures will be provided, any offending teeth will be removed. In their place, the dentures will provide false teeth for pain-free chewing.

Since dentures are made of resin or porcelain teeth connected to a base plate, they are durable enough to withstand most foods. Still, you should avoid chewing on exceptionally hard substances, such as ice, or inedible items, such as ink pens.

Restoration of Your Appearance

Missing teeth can give your face an aged, hollowed appearance. However, with your denture in place, the appliance will  support the inner cheeks and lips for a restored, youthful appearance. 

Your dentures will be white and properly aligned, so they may look even better than your natural teeth. Nevertheless, it will be important to keep the dentures looking their best by cleaning them regularly and rinsing them after eating or drinking deeply pigmented substances. It is best to only use cold water for rinsing, since hot water can cause the resin components of the appliance to warp.

Clear Speech

Missing teeth can negatively affected the clarity of your speech. As you pronounce words, your tongue is periodically pressed against the inner perimeter of your teeth. When numerous teeth are missing from a palate, speech can become slurred. 

You may notice immediate improvements in the enunciation of words as soon as your dentures are in place. 

To learn more about dentures and their benefits, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area.