3 Tips For Keeping Your New Dental Implants Healthy And Damage-Free

If you have recently received new dental implants, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to take care of them. If so, incorporate the following tips into your oral hygiene regimen to keep your implants healthy and free from damage.

1. Rinse with an Antibacterial Mouthwash before Brushing

Especially while your implant sites are still healing, the gum tissue is prone to invasion by bacteria. To help prevent infection, rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash before you brush your teeth.

Using the mouthwash before brushing not only kills any germs around the implant, but it also helps soften any tartar or plaque, making it easier to remove them. If you are unsure of which mouthwash to use, ask your dentist to see if they have a preference they can recommend.

2. Select Your Toothpaste Carefully

When you had only your natural teeth, you may have used a toothpaste that contained an abrasive like baking soda or one that included an ingredient to whiten your teeth. However, now that you have dental implants, you will need to be more careful about selecting your toothpaste and making sure it does not contain either of these components.

If you use a toothpaste with baking soda, you run the risk of scratching the surface of your implants. Or, if you use one that contains bleach, it may interact with the implant material and discolor them.

Instead of using a specialized toothpaste, choose one that is either a standard formula with only fluoride or one designed specifically for dental implants. You can ask your dentist for a list of acceptable brands and formulas.

3. Use a Water Pick to Clean Between Your Teeth

Just as it was before you had dental implants, keeping the area between your teeth is vital to the health of your implants. However, if you use floss to do this job, it could snag on the implant and dislodge it.

Instead of floss, use a water pick to clean between your teeth. The flow of the water is gentle enough not to harm your implants, yet strong enough to remove any food stuck in the spaces between them. Seek out your dentist's advice on which brand you should use.

Using the above tips while caring for your new dental implants can help keep them intact and healthy. For more information about your dental implants and any adjustments that you need to make, check out a website like http://schillingfarmsdental.com.