FAQ About Common Oral Health Problems

Do you avoid going on dates because no matter how often you brush your teeth, your breath has an unpleasant odor? Did you neglect your teeth for a long time before getting into the habit of keeping them brushed? You will likely need to make a dental appointment to fix the underlying problems that are responsible for causing bad breath, such as cavities and an accumulation of tartar. You might also unknowingly have a dental condition that is serious and needs to be treated in a timely manner before it worsens. If you are interested in learning more about your oral health and getting treated by a dentist, continue reading this article.

Why Should Tartar Be of a Concern? 

When your teeth have tartar on them, it means that plaque was left on them for a substantial amount of time. Tartar is usually the result of poor brushing habits, and it is basically a hardened version of plaque. You should be concerned about tartar because it is difficult to remove without professional help, and it causes the enamel of your teeth to constantly decay. Tartar also leaves a deep yellow color on your teeth that can cause a lot of embarrassment. If you have a difficult time removing yellow stains on your teeth, it is likely due to it being tartar rather than soft plaque.

Why Are Cavities Harmful?

Cavities can be harmful in several ways depending on how deep they are. For instance, if you only have slight cavities that have not gone deep into the core of your teeth, you might only experience problems with your teeth being sensitive or minor pain. If your cavities are deep, you can experience pain that is unbearable to the extent of you being unable to work, go to school, or sleep comfortably. One of the most harmful effects of cavities is the formation of an abscess, which is poisonous to your health. An abscess is a lump that contains toxic pus and can also cause a severe amount of pain until it is drained out.

What Are Major Oral Health Problems?

Periodontitis is one of the most common oral health problems that is considered serious. Basically, periodontitis is gum disease in the most major form that can cause numerous problems if left untreated. Your jawbones can become too weak to secure your teeth if periodontitis does not get treated soon enough. Bad breath and bleeding gums are a few of the symptoms that the condition can cause.