3 Benefits Of Dental Veneers

It seems that new methods of straightening the teeth and improving the appearance of one's smile are becoming available every day. One of those methods, which is growing greatly in popularity, is dental veneers. While many people are utilizing this method, others are still skeptical about whether this is the best option for them. To help you make your decision, listed below are three benefits of dental veneers. 1. They are Great for Those Who Only Need Minor Adjustments  [Read More]

3 On 3: Tooth Whiteners VS Tooth Stainers

Keeping your teeth as white as they can be is no easy task because there are several types of foods that may stain your teeth when you consume them. Thankfully the following guide will help identify 3 foods that might stain your teeth, as well as 3 foods that will help re-whiten your teeth. 3 Tooth Stainers 1. Dark Teas Dark teas (and other foods, like red wine) contain a high amount of tannins, which are acidic and may lead to stains given enough time. [Read More]

Three-Stage Dental Implant Placement: What To Expect

Dental implants replace your tooth roots and offer a number of advantages. The implants provide a strong and solid foundation for replacement teeth and improve the appearance of your teeth. The most common method of dental implant placement is a three-step process. If your doctor is going to use this method, it helps to know what to expect at each stage.  Stage One - Implant Placement During the first stage of the three-step dental implant procedure, your oral surgeon buries the implant into your gums. [Read More]

3 Primary Types Of Dental Bridges

If you have had a tooth extracted from your mouth, and you have a gap where the missing tooth was located, one way you can fill in that gap is with a dental bridge. There are three primary types of dental bridges that your dentist may use to fill in that gap. The type of dental bridge that your dentist uses depends upon your unique situation. Here is a brief rundown of the three primary types of dental bridge options that your dentist may discuss with you. [Read More]