What You Need To Do If You Plan To Get Dental Implants

Are you thinking about getting dental implants? You may have heard about how they compare to dentures and think that they would be ideal for you and your lifestyle. Some people think that getting dental implants will allow them to be lax in their oral health care. However, tooth implants need to be cared for because the mouth still produces bacteria and infection or dental implant failure can occur with poor oral hygiene. [Read More]

Keep Your Teeth Picture-Perfect: How To Avoid Stains During The Holidays

Tis the season to go visit friends and family. It's also the season for lots of family pictures. Before you head out for your holiday visits, make sure your teeth are ready for the exposure. You don't want those traditional family photos to be ruined by your dull, dingy, or discolored teeth. Here are four steps you should take to keep your teeth picture-perfect this holiday season. Schedule a Professional Whitening Session [Read More]

4 Ways To Treat A Diastema

Do you have a space between your two front teeth? There's a name for that: that space is called a midline diastema. Diastemas form naturally in childhood – it's a normal part of your mouth development as your baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. But for some adults, the diastema never closes. If it causes problems or bothers you, there are several ways to treat it. [Read More]

Get Your Abscessed Tooth Fixed As Soon As Possible

It is super important to take good care of your teeth. There is a reason the toothbrush was invented, and it is to help you keep those pearly whites healthy. Unfortunately bad things do happen to teeth, most of the time it is due to neglect but it can happen even when you are taking great care of your teeth. If you experience pain in your teeth, it is important that you visit with your dentist. [Read More]