Keeping Your Denture Usage Hidden from Others

If you were recently told you are a candidate to have dentures constructed to insert into your mouth, you are undoubtedly excited about the prospect of being able to smile wide whenever you wish without showing empty spaces in the process. Although denture usage will fill in any voids in your mouth, you may decide you do not want to announce to others that you use dentures. Here are a few tips you can use to help keep your denture usage your little secret.

Take Time to Clean Your Dentures Properly

If you fail to clean your dentures each evening, they will start to accumulate a layer of grime upon them. This will make it more difficult for adhesive to stay in place. Dirty dentures will thereby be more at risk for becoming dislodged from your gums, possibly at an inopportune time. To avoid any slippage mishaps, follow the instructions regarding denture cleaning that your dentist gives to you when your new dentures are first tried on. Follow instructions on adhesives exactly to ensure a perfect fit and a decreased risk of letting others know about your denture usage.

Rest Your Gums Between Denture-Usage Sessions

It is extremely important to give your gums a break whenever you experience soreness or inflammation of the gums. Failing to rest your gums could lead to extreme discomfort while you have your dentures in place. Inflammation will make it more difficult for your dentures to remain seated over your gums as well.

Adhere to Food Restrictions to Avoid Dislodging Incidents

Your dentures require that you avoid a few food items. Crunchy, hard foods could cause your dentures to pull away from your gums as you bite into them. These foods could also chip the porcelain pieces your dentures are constructed from. Chewy, sticky food is often hard to break down, even for someone with their real teeth. If the substance is exceptionally gooey, it can pull on your dentures as you try chewing. To avoid having your teeth slip out altogether, skip these foods and choose softer alternatives instead.

Handle Slipping Incidents Promptly

Excuse yourself from your present location promptly if you feel that your dentures are about to fall out of your mouth, It is best to carry adhesive in your pocket, briefcase, or pocketbook so you can reapply your dentures in this type of embarrassing situation. Failing to reapply your dentures fast enough will most likely lead to their becoming looser and looser as you talk and eat. Don't waste time and do keep your self-esteem intact with a quick trip to a restroom or your vehicle to add more adhesive to your dentures.

Talk to your dentist for more tips.