FAQ About Common Oral Health Problems

Do you avoid going on dates because no matter how often you brush your teeth, your breath has an unpleasant odor? Did you neglect your teeth for a long time before getting into the habit of keeping them brushed? You will likely need to make a dental appointment to fix the underlying problems that are responsible for causing bad breath, such as cavities and an accumulation of tartar. You might also unknowingly have a dental condition that is serious and needs to be treated in a timely manner before it worsens. [Read More]

Dental Crown Placement And Benefits 101

A damaged tooth can be a serious dental problem, especially when it is cracked or chipped severely enough that it exposes the root. No matter what kind of damage your tooth has suffered, even if your dentist has done a root canal, you need to be prepared for the subsequent steps as well. If your dentist is suggesting that you have a crown put in place, you may be hesitant. Before you make the decision, there are some things that you need to know. [Read More]

Why You Should Consider Dental Prosthetics

If you are living with missing or severely damaged teeth, you may have thought—at least occasionally—about getting a type of dental prosthesis like dentures or dental implants. However, you may not have gotten them in the past for one reason or another. Before you make any final decisions about a dental prosthesis, get to know some of the many reasons that you should consider getting a dental prosthesis to help correct your dental issues. [Read More]

4 Ways Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

Are you tired of living with teeth that are missing?  There's no doubt that doing so can take away from your quality of life. The key to feeling your best and making the most of each day may rest in having good dental health. It's a great idea to have a dental implant restoration if this is necessary. Being aware of how this fantastic procedure can help your life is essential. [Read More]