Catching A Flight After A Dental Implant: How Long Should You Wait?

The recovery time for a dental implant is pretty minor, all things considered. You'll need some time to recover, and this cannot be avoided without jeopardizing the success of the implant. But you'll be back to normal within days. And yet, what if your upcoming plans include air travel? Is it safe to fly on a plane after receiving a dental implant?  Your Schedule of Recovery Your dentist will take you through the expected schedule of recovery. [Read More]

Dental Crowns—Do You Need Them?

A dental crown is basically a cap that looks like a tooth and is placed on top of your existing tooth. There are many reasons for needing dental crowns, from cosmetic concerns to actual dental issues. A dental crown differs from a dental implant in that the cap is placed over the tooth and not meant to replace a former tooth, but provides many of the same results in allowing you to have a more complete smile. [Read More]