Catching A Flight After A Dental Implant: How Long Should You Wait?

The recovery time for a dental implant is pretty minor, all things considered. You'll need some time to recover, and this cannot be avoided without jeopardizing the success of the implant. But you'll be back to normal within days. And yet, what if your upcoming plans include air travel? Is it safe to fly on a plane after receiving a dental implant? 

Your Schedule of Recovery

Your dentist will take you through the expected schedule of recovery. It won't take a huge amount of time to recover from your dental implant surgery, but you will certainly need to rest for the remainder of the day. You're likely to feel considerably better by the next day, but even then, you should still be mindful of strenuous activity, whether it's work or looking after your family. Is air travel thought of as strenuous activity?

The Strain of Flying

Although sitting on a plane might not seem stressful, it can result in some physical strain, which can aggravate your recent dental implant surgery. You will feel a little unwell immediately after your surgery, and even though this will quickly fade, you should wait several days before you catch a flight. Ask your dentist for clarification, but the trick is to allow ample time between your surgery and any flight you need to catch. It's really all a matter of scheduling. And if your dentist has given you a prescription for pain relief, be sure to carry this prescription with you, especially if you're flying internationally. 

Air Pressure and Humidity

Once ample time has elapsed, you should be fine to fly. The experience shouldn't affect your healing since the cabin is pressurized. Although changes to air pressure could aggravate recent dental work, the pressurization process will spare you from this discomfort. The exception to this is those who might have trouble clotting. Since the site of the implant will be healing (and clotting), the lack of humidity in the cabin might interfere with some people's ability to clot. Even then, it can depend on the aircraft. Some newer types of airliner have been designed to have a higher level of relative humidity in the cabin, so if it's a concern, you might want to enquire about the actual plane you'll be traveling on. 

Air travel is perfectly safe after receiving your dental implant, although not immediately afterwards, and you'll still need some days to recover. Speak with a professional about dental implants to learn more.