Is Traveling Out Of The Country For Dental Implants The Right Decision?

On average, a full set of dental implants can cost an average of $34,119 according to CostHelper. As a result, many people are exploring traveling abroad for dental care because they believe it will be more cost-effective. However, this might not necessarily be true. If you are in need of implants and considering traveling to get them, here are some pros and cons to factor into your decision. 

Why Should You Travel Abroad for Dental Implants?

The possibility of saving money is probably one of the main reasons that traveling abroad for dental implants makes sense. For instance, in countries, such as Poland and Brazil, you can pay less than $500 for single implants. Depending on the amount of implants you need you could potentially save up to thousands.  

You can even save on the aftercare fees that are associated with implants. Follow-up appointments to check the progress of your recovery and possibly re-implanting a tooth can add up, but you can take advantage of international rates.  

In addition to potentially saving on your dental expenses, you have the luxury of combining your vacation with your dental appointments. You have the chance to visit another country while taking care of a dental issue that could have continued to plague you.  

Why Should You Skip Traveling?

Although there is a possibility that you can save on the cost of the implants, there are other expenses, which can quickly add up and make traveling seem less cost-effective.  

In addition to determining the total cost for the implant, you also have to consider traveling costs. The initial trip to have the procedure performed is not the only time you will need to see a cosmetic surgeon. You will require follow-ups to check the progress of your implants. 

Another potential concern is the quality of the work performed. The country you are visiting has different standards than your home country. Depending on the country, the health standards might be considerably lower, which could lead to a host of health problems.  

Health problems, such as a dental implant failure or infection, will mean a trip to a local dentist. Depending on the severity of the problem, you could end up spending thousands to repair the work that was done abroad. Your savings will be down the drain. 

Before making the decision to travel for dental implants, talk to your local cosmetic surgeon. He or she can help you determine if that is the right move for your procedure and even discuss options for saving money on the dental work locally.