Four Reasons Why You Should Not Seek A Cosmetic Dentist Outside The U.S.

Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry are thriving in the U.S. They are also thriving businesses in other countries. However, you should not attempt to seek cosmetic dentistry outside of the U.S.. There are several valid reasons why.

1. Your Insurance Does Not Cover It

Dental insurance does not reach outside the boundaries of this country. Anything you have done in another country is all out-of-pocket. If you want your insurance to cover any part of your procedures, which it often will cover things like pain medication and the cost of a surgical suite, you should look for a cosmetic dentist closer to home.

2. International Oral Hygiene Is Not the Best

If you go to a developing country to get your teeth replaced with dental implants, for example, you may come back with more than just implants. You may return home with infections in your gums, abscesses, broken jaw bones, etc. This is all caused by poorer medical and dental hygiene habits in these countries. If they do not sterilize their instruments, you could also end up with blood-born diseases such as hepatitis or HIV. Then you will need to visit a cosmetic dentist, and possibly your family doctor, to treat these conditions anyway. It is just smarter and healthier for you overall to visit a cosmetic dentist in your own city/state.

3. International Water Is Also Not the Best

In many countries overseas, there is no fluoride in the tap water. That is why so many people in these countries have such bad teeth. In several more countries, the tap water is not purified as well as it is in the U.S., exposing you to diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery. This is the same water that is used by dentists to rinse your mouth of blood during dental implant surgery and bleaching agents during teeth whitening in these foreign countries. Stay healthy and keep your teeth and gums healthy by staying home for your chosen dental procedure.


Your cosmetic dentist here in the U.S. has more training and more experience with the cosmetic dental procedure(s) you would like to have done. He or she will make sure you are never in discomfort, that the procedure you request is completed perfectly and safely, and that your procedure is done in a sterile, healthy procedure room. Your insurance covers some, if not all, of the aspects surrounding your procedure, which insures your health during and after the procedure.