Why Regular Visits To The Dentist Actually Save You Time And Money

Do you avoid going to the dentist because it costs a lot and takes time out of your busy schedule? These are both top reasons why people do not visit dentists regularly, but you might not realize that visiting a dentist regularly will actually save you time and money. In addition, regular visits to the dentist will help you keep a healthy, whiter smile. If you avoid the dentist for these reasons, here are several things you should know that will help you understand how regular visits will help save you time and money.

The Average Cost And Time Spent At A Dental Checkup

During a typical examination and cleaning at the dentist, you will receive several different services. Generally, the appointment begins with x-rays. After that, the hygienist will clean your teeth. At the end of the appointment, the dentist will look at your teeth and gums and will review the x-rays. He or she will also perform an oral cancer screening.

While the time it takes to do all these things varies, a typical appointment will last an hour or less. One hour of your time is all it takes for this to happen; and if you do not need any work done on your teeth, you will not need to return for six months for another cleaning and examination. In other words, two hours spent each year is all you need to commit to if you want to keep your teeth and mouth healthier.

The cost of a typical cleaning and exam is around $125, but this varies by location, clinic, and types of services completed during the visit.

The Time It Takes And The Costs To Complete Work

If you visit the dentist every six months and brush and floss your teeth at home, you may be able to avoid needing additional services to your teeth. If you do not do these things, you are likely to need work.

One of the most common dental procedures people need is cavity removal services. This is a process that requires numbing your mouth. Once numb, the dentist must remove the decay from the tooth and complete the process by filling in the hole with a filling material. Filling a molar tooth with a white, resin composite filling costs around $170, and it usually takes at least one hour at a dental clinic to get this completed.

If you have a cavity and do not get it removed quickly, it can create additional problems. The decay on a tooth will often seep into the roots of a tooth. If this happens, you will need a root canal and may also need a dental crown placed on the tooth. To get both of these services completed, you will most likely have to visit a dentist two to four times. Each visit may last one to two hours, or even longer.

The other thing to realize is that the costs to have a root canal and crown are very expensive. You might end up spending close to $2,000, or possibly even more.

If you compare the amount of money and time it takes for regular checkups, you will see how much cheaper it is to care for your teeth and how much less expensive it is. In addition to this, it's also less painful to take care of your teeth, simply because getting dental work completed is not exactly a fun activity.

Taking care of your teeth is important if you want to keep them. If you would like to schedule a visit for a cleaning and exam, contact a local dentist. You can also visit websites like http://www.silveradofamilydental.com.