Common Restorative Dentistry Questions For Patients In Need Of Help

A dental related problem can leave cosmetic issues that you want to get fixed, or that are very painful to you. Unfortunately, many people think that a dentist can only help with issues that are causing you pain, with you just having to live with those cosmetic issues. If you have a cosmetic issue that you want to have fixed, here are some common questions you may have. What Are Your Options For Missing Teeth? [Read More]

Here's Why A Lifetime Of Good Gum Health Is So Important For Your Child's Future

Anyone who has ever visited a dentist knows that dentists want you to take steps to improve your gum health. Healthy gums keep your teeth healthy, but that might not be all. If your child's future health is important to you, here's why a lifetime of good oral hygiene practices needs to start now. Gum Disease and Bodily Health Gum disease is a common problem that many people go through, ranging from gingivitis all the way to periodontitis. [Read More]

FAQ About Common Oral Health Problems

Do you avoid going on dates because no matter how often you brush your teeth, your breath has an unpleasant odor? Did you neglect your teeth for a long time before getting into the habit of keeping them brushed? You will likely need to make a dental appointment to fix the underlying problems that are responsible for causing bad breath, such as cavities and an accumulation of tartar. You might also unknowingly have a dental condition that is serious and needs to be treated in a timely manner before it worsens. [Read More]

Dental Crown Placement And Benefits 101

A damaged tooth can be a serious dental problem, especially when it is cracked or chipped severely enough that it exposes the root. No matter what kind of damage your tooth has suffered, even if your dentist has done a root canal, you need to be prepared for the subsequent steps as well. If your dentist is suggesting that you have a crown put in place, you may be hesitant. Before you make the decision, there are some things that you need to know. [Read More]