Are You Ready For Overdentures?

If you are missing or need teeth removed, there are products on the market other than traditional dentures. Overdentures are one of the permanent denture solutions that can help you achieve a dazzling smile. While relatively new on the market, overdentures provide the teeth you desire with an unparalleled fit, but there are many other benefits. What are overdentures, and what are the benefits? Read on for more information.

What are Overdentures? 

Overdentures are removable dental prostheses or permanent dentures. Your dentist secures them in your mouth using your natural teeth or, most commonly, titanium dental implants. People sometimes refer to them as snap-on dentures. 

They are shaped and designed like your natural teeth, offering healthy-looking teeth and gums. Their design provides a full tooth arch replacement that you do not have to worry about slipping and sliding. 

What Are The Benefits Of Overdentures?

A more comfortable fit and feel - If you have ever had dentures or a dental bridge, you know, over time, the shape of your gums changes, making your dental work uncomfortable. Traditional dentures are notorious for slipping, sliding, or coming loose. 

Sometimes this slipping can cause uncomfortable irritation to your gums or embarrassment when sneezing or speaking. The slippage can also cause you to lisp or have difficulty pronouncing certain words. 

More stability and security than traditional dentures - With overdentures, your dentist creates a support system for your new teeth using titanium implants and then snaps your dentures onto these supports. This support system means your overdentures have a more stable and secure base than traditional dentures. 

You do not have to worry about changing gum shapes or bone loss. You also will not have to use nasty over-the-counter adhesives to ensure their security. Once they snap on, your overdentures will remain stable and secure.  

A minimal number of dental implants required - The number of dental implants required depends on the number of teeth you are replacing. A full arch typically only requires up to four dental implants. This limited number is unlike other implant options that often require placing an implant per tooth.

Easier oral hygiene - Traditional dentures require removal, soaking, and brushing to ensure that you have removed all the bacteria trapped in the crooks and crannies. Overdentures do not require this process. Because they are a permanent dental solution, you leave them in and brush them just like you would your regular teeth. 

Speak to your dentist to see if overdenture solutions suit your dental situation.