Consider Getting Dental Implants To Support Your New Dentures So They're Secure And Comfortable

If you have a lot of problems with your teeth, you may be thinking about getting dentures. Before you make your decision, think about implant-supported dentures. These have several advantages over traditional dentures. For one, they are secured to your jawbone, so you don't have any problems with slipping. You'll be able to eat and speak normally without worrying about your dentures falling out. 

Here's a general overview of what you might expect if you decide to get dental implants to support your dentures.

Your Mouth Is Prepared For The Implants

If you're getting full dentures, all of your teeth need to come out. The dentist can pull the remaining bad teeth you have so your gums can heal and be ready for dental implants. In addition, your dentist can do the bone graft during this stage if you need one. A bone graft is only needed if you don't have a thick enough jawbone for the implants.

Also, if you have gum disease, it will be treated before your implants are put in so your mouth is healthy and ready for implant surgery. Since all of your teeth will be missing, the dentist will provide you with temporary dentures to wear while your gums and jawbone heal from the procedures.

The Dental Implants Are Inserted

There are different methods for inserting implants, and these require different numbers of implants. Your dentist will use as many as needed to provide support for your dentures, but as few as possible so you can save money. You won't need an implant for every tooth. Only a few dental implants are usually needed.

You'll be numbed and maybe even relaxed with sedation while the implants are inserted into your bone. The procedure isn't painful since the implant areas are numbed first. Once the implants are in, your gums need to heal. You'll wear the temporary dentures again until the implants have all bonded with your jawbone.

Get Your Permanent Dentures Put On

When your bone has fused with the dental implants, your dentist is ready to make impressions of your mouth to send to a dental lab. The lab makes custom dentures for your mouth and the shade of white you desire. The process could take a few weeks. When the dentures are ready, you'll go back to your dentist to have them placed on the implants.

Dentures can be permanently fixed to the implants or they can snap on and off. Your dentist will help you decide on the right type of dentures to get.

Contact a local dentist to learn more about dental implants.